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Pond Kits

Beyond the Pond

Establishing a pond in your backyard is easiest with a pond kit, but it does take more than that. The basic pond-building elements are really just a support system for why you really want a pond - the flora and fauna. Here's a quick look at what you'll need to secure serenity with the ultimate backyard water accent.

Pond Kits

Our selection of pond kits and accessories are designed to manage the flow and filtration of your water, keep the environment safe for plants and fish, and create beautiful visuals like waterfalls and grottos. Most kits come with a pump, skimmer, filter, pond, and accessories you'll need to begin creating a safe water environment. The first step is to determine your pond location and size - everything in a pond kit is based off of how much water you're dealing with! Once you design, build, fill, and understand your water system, it's time to start adding life.


Of course you have, or will have, pretty plants around your pond, but have considered that you can also have plants in the water? There are three types of aquatic plants to consider for your pond - emergent, submergent, and floating. Floating plants, naturally, float on the water surface unanchored, and include popular species like water hyacinth and duckweed. Emergent plants keep their shoots and flowers above the water's surface but drop their roots below. Common pond plants like cattails and water lilies are emergent. Submergent plants are a little less celebrated, but spend their life below the surface and act as oxygenators. Consider a healthy mix of all three, and make sure any plant you choose is well-suited to the weather conditions in your area.


When you're ready to populate your pond, there are a couple of different ways to swim. Goldfish, koi, and Shubunkins are the most popular cohabitants, often chosen for their ready availability, relative hardiness, and beautiful colors. These fish will give your pond a classic look and should be a manageable responsibility for most pond owners. Another approach is to research fish that are native to your geographical area in order to create a more natural, sustainable ecosystem in your pond. Different areas of the country play host to an array of beautiful minnows, sunfish, snails, tadpoles, and more that are perfectly suited for a happy, healthy life in your pond.