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Rain Chains

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Rain Chain Buying Guide

  • Tips on styles and materials
  • Finding the best place to hang a rain chain
  • Advice on installation

See the Beauty in Rainy Days

Rain chains are a attractive alternative to traditional gutter downspouts. They transform a necessity into a point of beauty. You can use a rain chain instead of a downspout to direct run-off while creating a decorative water feature. You can also install a basin or barrel below the chain to collect rain water for future use, and to create a zen fountain-like effect.

Rain chains are widely used in Japan, where they are called "kusari-doi" which translates to mean "chain-gutter." They come in many styles and shapes, but they are usually made from copper.

Link style chains cause the water to stream down the connected links. Cup styles allow small cups to fill with water and then pass the water to the next cup below in a long series. Anchor basins are often used to collect rainwater at the bottom of the chain.

The rain makes a pleasing sound as the water trickles down through the cups, so these gutter chains are enjoyed for both their beautiful appearance and the audible ambience they create. In Japan they often adorn houses and temples.

These unique, decorative downspouts are a beautiful addition to the home, shed, or garage. They create unique curb appeal and add character to the home's exterior. Consider installing one where you can see it from a window, or your yard, patio, or garden.