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Tiki Torches

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Torches: Tiki to Table Top

Backyards were made for fun in the sun with family and friends. Sometimes though, your sunny day soiree turns into an evening affair. We think that's a good thing. That's why we curated a selection of oil and gas torches to keep delight shining through all your get-togethers.

Tiki Culture

The Tiki movement started in the mid-1930s, when Polynesian-themed restaurants first cropped up in California. Their tropical ambience and delicious cocktails, a signature being the now beloved mai tai, turned Tiki into a cultural sensation.

Soon, luau-lovers everywhere were hosting Frankie & Annette-style beach parties. And at the heart of these good vibration-filled gatherings was an emblem that, unlike Tiki culture, remains a staple of outdoor fun: The Tiki Torch.

Better Than Bamboo

Visions of chintzy bamboo stakes accented with woven rattan are probably what come to mind when you hear the term "tiki torch." We don't blame you. Bamboo torches are an easy solution when you're in an outdoor lighting bind. However, they can be messy and often lend your space more kitsch than character. To really set the mood, you need pieces that pop. Modern torches do that and so much more.

Today's Torch

Sure it's Tiki-inspired, but modern torch design doesn't revel in its past. There's now a torch style for every outdoor setting, from classic patios to sleek urban gardens.

  • Pole and pathway torches add a touch of traditional to your space. Plus most are portable, making them versatile and party-ready.
  • Table top torches radiate intimacy. They're conversation starters that your guests won't be able to stop talking about.
  • Wall sconce torches provide a flickering elegance, evocative of candlelight. Affix them to your wall or fence strategically for lasting light.

What's In a Flame

Oil-fueled torches are portable and easy to use, allowing you to get creative with your outdoor decor. We like that, and so will you. Not to mention, you can ward off pesky insects by using citronella oil to fuel your torch instead of standard lamp oil. If you hate mosquitoes like we do, that's a big plus.

Not everyone needs a versatile torch. Those willing to do some dirty work can warm up to our selection of gas-fueled torches. These are designed to attach to standard propane tanks or, if you're a real go-getter, your in-ground natural gas line.

Either way, the right torch guarantees glowing reviews for all your gatherings.