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Dog Crates and Kennels for Indoors and Out

A dog's crate can serve many purposes: a secluded napping area, a tool for housetraining, or even a method of transportation for your furry friend. While you should consider your pet's needs first and foremost when selecting a kennel, you don't have to let your personal style go to the dogs. Choose a model that complements your existing home décor while also providing Fido with his own special space—a win-win!

Blend in with the surroundings.

Dog kennels don't need to be big, plastic eyesores that evoke imagery of grooming salons and animal shelters. In fact, it's easy to elevate your home's décor with a furniture-style crate that looks more like a side table. Choose a design with slatted detailing to ensure plenty of ventilation, then match the finish to the rest of your décor. You can even top it off with a decorative vase or a lamp for a piece that looks right at home in your space.

Embrace the great outdoors.

If your dogs will be spending lots of time outside, they'd do best in a mesh, wire, or chain link exercise pen or dog run. Be sure to choose something with extra space and plenty of ventilation, especially if your pet will be outdoors for an extended length of time. For dogs with sensitive skin or ultra-thick coats, opt for a pet gazebo or covered kennel where he can soak up the shade and keep cool on sunnier days.

Take it to-go.

For dogs who spend lots of time on the go, a reliable pet travel carrier is a must-have. Invest in an airline-approved kennel or mesh carrying bag to ensure that your pup will be traveling in both safety and style. Foldable and collapsible crates are also great options for jet-setting dogs—simply assemble the kennel once you arrive at your destination and welcome your pet back to his favorite place.

Whether you're housebreaking a new puppy, travelling with your dog in tow, or just looking to keep your furry friend comfortable, has hundreds of crates and kennels available at every price point. Browse the site to discover your dog's new favorite—and don't forget to read the sizing guide to find his perfect fit!