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Cat Litter Boxes & Accessories

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  • Cat trees, scratching posts, and cat houses
  • Litter boxes & food and water bowls
  • Grooming utensils and pet carriers

Litter Box Basics

Non-cat people might not realize just how delicate a topic the litter box is. For those who have or are considering adopting a cat, however, we present here a few basic guidelines to ensure happy, healthy litter box usage.

Most experts recommend one litter box per kitty and/or one box per floor in your home. Once the location is settled, keep the boxes in those same spots. Kitties love same. That’s also the reason you’ll want a large enough box to begin with. Let’s not take a chance on kitty outgrowing and potentially becoming unable to contain himself within the confines of the box. You also might consider a box with high sides and back or an entirely covered box. This can reduce spillage in various ways, and can help reduce odor.

Today’s litter boxes are amazing in their features and even décor-like styles. You can find litter boxes that are discreetly kept inside end tables and other furniture. You can also discover the latest in litter-box technology, including those that self-sift and those that ingeniously store litter and waste in odor-reducing containers.

Take your time finding the perfect litter box design and features for your kitties. They’ll be purrfectly content – and that means you will be, too.