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Porch Swings Buying Guide

Your porch swing acts as an emblem for your home. It represents your dedication and commitment to familial warmth to every passerby. Thus your porch swing's style matters. In our selection here at, porch swings are available in a multitude of styles, materials, and sizes. We've curated a collection that offers a swing fit for every taste. Here, you'll find the porch swing that meets all your criteria.

Published February 2, 2015 | By | Share
How and Where Will You Hang Your Porch Swing?

Will you hang your swing on your front porch? Or do you plan to hang your swing in the backyard? Figuring out where and how you will hang your swing is the first step in deciding which kind of porch swing is right for you. Here are two swing hanging options:

Porch Swing Styles
Adirondack Swings

Adirondack style porch swings resemble their namesake with a deep, sloping seat, inviting flat arms, and iconic vertically slatted backrests. These swings are true American classics, and work great in any setting, be it contemporary or rustic.

Canopy Swings

Canopy swings are a perfect choice if you're after modular relaxation, if your porch lacks a substantial awning, or if you'll be using your swing on a sunny patio. These models feature an attached canopy that protects against harmful UV rays and springtime sprinkles. They are also highly portable as most don't require a ceiling for installation.

Classic Swings

Classic porch swings run a delightful gamut. They typically feature understated designs in natural finishes, and are available in myriad hues and materials. Most have an iconic slat back or a less traditional x-style backing, which delivers unexpected character to this tried and true design. Beyond that, materials such as wicker and metal are also available, meaning there's a classic porch swing for every outdoor decor style.

Porch Swing Beds

Bed-style porch swings are the ultimate accessory for true leisure-lovers. An expansive seat defines this style. It offers ample lounging room, allowing multiple people to lie back and enjoy a favorite chapbook or a simple afternoon nap. Be sure to find a sturdy beam from which to hang these swings. Canopy swings can also fall under the porch swing bed category because some feature backrests that recline to a flat position.


If your space lacks a covered porch, consider a glider-style swing. These are great for patios and apartment balconies. They don't require hanging chains or installation of any kind. Simply place them wherever you want to relax, and then relax. And of course, they are available in the same styles listed above, as well as a number of other hardy materials.

Porch Swing Materials

Porch swings have existed for hundreds of years. Their true-blue design works best with a material suited to outdoor use.

Wooden porch swings are by far the most common and most popular. Their iconic look and feel fills them with timeless and instantly recognizable allure. When selecting a wooden porch swing, consider your location. Dense woods like cedar and teak work best for spaces that experience erratic weather. These heavy-duty woods won't splinter or crack when exposed to periods of extreme temperatures. Oak and pine are suitable for mild climates, but won't endure for years like high-density woods. Wooden swings are offered in a wide range of painted colors and wood stain finishes. We carry several variations on the wooden porch swing, from natural and unstained to bold painted hues.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic swings are ultra durable and ideal for locations where harsh weather is a way of life. This polymer material resembles real wood wicker, even has a similar texture, though it's easy to spot the difference upon close inspection. It's preferable for its long lifespan and incredible resistance to damage. These swings are also eco-friendly -- over 500 plastic milk jugs comprise a recycled plastic swing.


Whether solid wrought iron or lightweight aluminum, the metal porch swing's biggest asset is its ability to easily withstand weather-related abuse. Lightweight aluminum models are incredibly versatile by design. They're easy to move, which makes them perfect when unexpected guests arrive. They also come in various colors to punch up your outdoor relaxation spot. Metal porch swings are more prone to rust than their recycled plastic or wooden counterparts, so consider your climate before settling on one. Those who live in especially wet or humid environments should expect some weathering from a metal porch swing.

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture American Garden 5-ft. Log Porch Swing and Stand Set
Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture American Garden
5-ft. Log Porch Swing and Stand Set
Care & Maintenance

Different porch swing materials require different methods of maintenance. Research your specific wood type to determine when or if you need to reapply an all-weather finish or coat of paint. Otherwise, give your swing a mild soap & water bath once a month to retain a pristine, out-of-the-box look.