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Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System with Controller
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Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System with Controller
Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System with Controller
Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System with Controller

Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera System with Controller

Product Overview
  • RCX-2 Trail Camera with RCX Controller
  • 10 Megapixel camera
  • Day and Night mode
  • Super fast trigger speed
  • Video, audio and so much more

Product Information


  • RCX-2 Trail Camera with RCX Controller
  • 10 Megapixel camera
  • Day and Night mode
  • Super fast trigger speed
  • Video, audio and so much more


The Leupold RCX Trail Camera Turns other Trail Cameras into "Game Over"


Anyone who has used a trail camera knows that they can be the best patterning tool available.  You also know how inconvenient and hit or miss current cameras can be:  manual resets, swapping photo/SD cards in and out, guessing on alignment of the sensor and framing of the picture, counting blinking lights and scrolling through confusing mode options, multiple trips to and from your home or truck to view your pictures.  To all of that hassle Luepold says "game over"


Taking the lead from intuitive smart phones and "plug and play" technology, the new Leupold RCX Trail Camera System, with exclusive USB Controller/Viewer (optional), could not be easier to use.  Download and view high-resolution color, infrared and video images right  in the field.  Get real-time alignment of the cameras view.  Program each camera's settings to your specifications in just seconds.  And it all happens in the palm of your hand.


So, whether you're running one camera on your favorite trail or a series of cameras over acres of land, the integrated Luepold RCX Trail Camera System will change the game and put the odds in your favor - it's that simple.


Out of the box and ready to go


Leupold's new RCX Trail Camera System is the most user-friendly, plug and play system ever developed.  In its factory-shapped mode, you can just take it out of the box, insert eight AA batteries and and SD card, turn it on, hang it on a tree and you're taking pictures.


Of course, Leupold also gives you a whole host of programming options and choices to tailor your RCX Trail Camera specifically to your needs and geographic region.  The user interface is push-button easy and extremely intuitive, taking you step-by-step through each program setting.  With Leupold RCX, you choose how simple or advanced you want your trail camera system to be.  Add the ability to read SD cards from a host of other trail cameras, and you have a system that offers unbeatable functionality and flexibility.


Best of all, everything happens in real time and right in the field thanks to Leupold's exclusive USB Controller/Viewer (optional accessory)... a programing masterpiece that puts all the power of your RCX Trail Camera System at your fingertips. 


Silent Trigger Shutter


The Leupold RCX Trail Camera System captures images with no moving parts.  The XD Processor silently captures the image from the CMOS sensor as soon as the PIR sensor is activated.  The infrared filter activates at night, and then deactivates in the morning, providing instant spectral adaptation to protect the highly sensitive sensor from infrarred rays during the day.  It then responds in spectacular detail at night when the filter moves away from the camera lens.  Moving the filter just twice a day conserves battery life and minimizes noise that can alert game to the presence of the camera.  Compare this to other systems that produce an audible, often game-spooking "clicking" noise each time a picture is taken.


Customize to your needs


Even though the RCX Trail Camera System is so simple to use, it also offers more customizable features than any other camera in the field.  you have multiple options for file type/size, picture quality, sensitivity )auto or four levels - low to super high), time lapse, temperature, barometer readings (RCX-2 only), multi-picture mode, event delay, operation hours, video quality/length, separate day/night settings, camera name, and sensor angle.  Both RCX-1 and RCX-2 cameras also offer custom picture stamp with date, time, temperature, and moon.  From out-of-the-box "ready to go" to highly custom capturing of game activity, the choice is yours.


Safe and Secure


A specially designed Lock-Down Security Plate (included with the RCX-2 only) provides for rock-solid mounting as well as protection from theft or vandalism.  A heavy-guage Maser Lock Python cable (not included) or nylon strap (included) attaches through the mounting plate and around the tree.  A single nail-mounting slot is also built into the top of the security plate.


Standard SDHC Compatible


The Leupold RCX can use up to a 30GB SDHC card, setting a new standard for SD camera systems.  Cards are easily installed and removed via a waterproof trap door access.


Extra Long Battery Life


The Leupold RCX cameras will operate continuously for months using eight AA Lithium batteries.  The battery cartridge tray can be pre-loaded and quickly installed into the camera in the field.  The camera units also offer 12-volt external battery capabilities.  Optional rechargeeable battery kit also available.  The RCX Controller/Viewer (optional accessory) utilizes a Lithium-Ion battery included with the remote viewer/controller.  The RCX-2 model also allows deactivation of 12 LEDs to maximize battery life.


Vibrant Images with XD Xtreme Definition Image Quality


The Leupold RCX Trail Camera delivers both high-resolution color (day) and infrared (night) still images, as well as a video/audio option to capture game activity in your area.  The advanced system uses CMOS sensor technology similar to that found in higher-end camcorders to produce tremendously sharp, crisp 8 megapixel images in the RCX-1 and 10 megapixel images in the RCX-2.  For exceptionally clear images at night, the RCX-1 provides 36 PIR LEDs (or 48 PIR LEDs with the RCX-2) combined with XD image processing and advanced auto-exposure calculations.  A specific day/night sensor allows the camera to quickly adjust exposure as light levels change and to activate the infrared (IR) system at night.


"Blink-Of-An-Eye" Trigger Speed


The Leupold RCX offers a lightning fast, less than one second trigger speed.  This blink of an eye speed, combined with Dual Sensor Technology (DST) and a wide angle 54-degree camera lens, means  you'll capture more images of full bodies and racks rather than ears and rears.  This quick trigger speed while in Most Picture Mode will capture more pictures than other cameras on the market.


Rugged Durability


The Leupold RCX camera frame is constructed of a durable, high-impact ABS/polycarbonate blend shell for maximum strength and protection for the internal elements.  Tested to a rigorous accelerated weather and UV exposure test, the Leupold RCX will deliver the dependable, reliable performance you need to locate and pattern your trophy animal, season after season.


Instant Recovery


Many trail cameras take up to 15 seconds to recover and be ready to take another picture.  From complete rest, the RCX takes just a couple of seconds to snap back into action.  On lower settings the recovery is instant.


  • Megapixels - 10
  • Camera Lens Angle - 54 degrees
  • PIR - Dual PIR 10 degrees and 45 degrees
  • Max Trigger Range - 45 ft and 90 ft.
  • Infrared LEDs - 48 at 10 degrees, 36 at 45 degrees and 48 in Dual
  • Video/Audio - Video and Audio
  • Trigger Speed - Less than 1 second
  • Lock-down Security Plate Included

Technical Details


Assembly & Care


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