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Mrs. Fields® Abundant Gift Bundle

Product Overview
  • A popular holiday favorite
  • Ideal for corporate gift-giving
  • Includes cookies, cake, brownies, and Jelly Belly candies
  • 2 wrapping options available
  • A popular holiday favorite
  • Ideal for corporate gift-giving
  • Includes cookies, cake, brownies, and Jelly Belly candies
  • 2 wrapping options available
What's Included
6 boxes
96 Nibblers cookies
72 Brownie Bites
Chocolate chip cake
3 frosted cookies
6 ounces ToffeeNut popcorn clusters
4 servings hot cocoa
1 pound Jelly Belly candies

Feed the break room with Mrs. Fields Abundant Gift Bundle. Perfect for giving to large offices or big families, this bundle features six wrapped packages, tied with a festive bow. Choose from White Pine or Golden Florentine wrapping paper (White Pine is shown above). Inside the boxes, a host of treats are ready to feed everyone at the office party. This set includes: 96 Nibblers bite-sized cookies, 72 Brownie Bites, a small chocolate chip cake, three frosted cookies, six ounces of ToffeeNut popcorn clusters, four servings of hot cocoa and a full pound of Jelly Belly candy.

Please note that for this item, the following services are available during the checkout process:

Multiple Ship-To, which allows you to send gifts to several recipients with a single order.

Future Delivery, which lets you select a specific date for delivery, so your gift arrives at the perfect time.

About Mrs. Fields
Mrs. Fields has been baking cookies for nearly 30 years, and nobody bakes them better. Irresistibly soft and luscious, they're made from Mrs. Fields very own recipes using real butter, whole eggs, pure vanilla, and a special blend of flour, sugar, and other ingredients.

Tips for enjoying Mrs. Fields delicacies

  • Cookies taste best when eaten the same day they are received.
  • Brownies are best when refrigerated or frozen.
  • If you have to save some for later: never re-refrigerate - they dry out. Store in an airtight container with a piece of white bread, or may be frozen in an airtight bag.
  • Thawed cookies can be warmed in the microwave for up to 10 seconds or a 375-degree oven for 1-2 minutes.
  • Frozen cookies can be warmed in the microwave for 20-30 seconds or a 375 degree oven for 1-3 minutes.

The story of Mrs. Fields
Debbi Fields, a young mother with no business experience, opened her first cookie store in Palo Alto, Calif., in 1977. They told her she was crazy. No business could survive just selling cookies. Humble beginnings launched Mrs. Fields into a worldwide celebrity and made her company the premier chain of cookie and baked goods stores.

Quality, more than anything, accounts for Mrs. Fields worldwide acceptance. The mission has always been to create the highest quality product possible - every time. That commitment has yielded products like no others, deeply satisfying personal indulgences that consumers just can't get enough of.

Return & Exchange Policy
The nature of gift baskets prevents us from being able to accept return items. This is also due to many gift baskets containing perishable items such as food, flowers, wine, and other such products.

Though we cannot accept returns on gift baskets, we do stand behind all the products we sell, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1.888.880.4884.
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