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Smart Solar Country Gardens 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Outdoor Fountain

Product Overview
  • On Demand technology stores energy much longer!
  • Weathered stone finish
  • On/off switch lets you decide when it runs
  • Store energy for use at night or in cloudy weather
  • Measures 21 diam. x 32H inches; weighs 24 lbs.
  • On Demand technology stores energy much longer!
  • Weathered stone finish
  • On/off switch lets you decide when it runs
  • Store energy for use at night or in cloudy weather
  • Measures 21 diam. x 32H inches; weighs 24 lbs.
  • One Year Warranty
What's Included
Fountain, Solar panel, Pump, Battery system, Solar On Demand

You asked for it, and we delivered!
Customer satisfaction is our top priority so when you told us you were disappointed with solar bird baths and fountains that wouldn't hold a charge, we went looking for some that did. Unlike other solar fountains that only run when the sun is shining, this new fountain runs with revolutionary On Demand technology to work when you want it to. The solar panel on this fountain stores energy so you can run it when it's cloudy or even at night. We're very excited to be the only ones to offer you this fantastic product, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do. With a one year warranty, it's hard not to!

Additional features

  • Fully charge in 1 sunny day for 6 hours of battery life
  • Constantly recycles water from a hidden reservoir
  • Low water sound create soothing background noise
  • Features 2 turtles on bowl's edge and dragonflies on pedestal
  • No wiring - simply install and enjoy
  • No operating costs since it's all solar-powered!

If you plan on entertaining during the warmer months, we recommend the Smart Solar Country Gardens 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Fountain as a treat for the eyes and ears of all your guests. This revolutionary 2-tier solar bird bath fountain operates when you want it to. Constructed with a weathered stone finish, this bird bath requires no operating costs thanks to its solar panel and no wiring is required. Water constantly recycles from a hidden reservoir, creating a low, relaxing murmur all day long - or all night long, thanks to its innovative Solar-on-Demand power system.

The included solar panel boasts a self-contained battery and easy-to-use on/off switch. When the switch is in the on position, the pump will run as usual, but will utilize the battery when clouds pass over. Excess power will be stored in the battery, too, to keep the fountain operating when the sun sets. When the switch is in the off position, the fountain will store all solar power gathered during the day in the battery for uninterrupted use after the sun goes down. In direct sunlight, the battery can fully charge in one day, and a full battery will function for up to six hours at night.

Please note: During prolonged periods of dull or cloudy weather, the battery will not charge. Adequate direct sunlight is required to achieve a full charge.

Product Guarantee
We stand behind all the products we sell, and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not pleased with the quality of your purchase, call us at 1.888.880.4884 or visit our Returns Center for more information.

Return & Exchange Policy
You may return most new, unused, and resalable items in their original packaging for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the delivery date.

Visit our Returns Center for complete information and step-by-step help.

Q: I purchased the smart solar country gardens 2- tier fountain about a year ago and now the water isn't cascading the way it did before. I leave it in the sun and you can hear the water tricking out, but not coming out the way it used to. What could be the problem. I love this fountain and so do the birds.
Submitted 2 years ago by Terri - Idaho
Hayneedle customer support
A: Have you checked the unit for calcium or hard water build up?
Q: Is there a replacement solar panel, if needed?How deep is the main bowl?
Submitted 2 years ago by Donna - Harrisburg, PA
Hayneedle customer support
A: Smart Solar does carry replacement solar parts for this fountain. You can contact them here: main bowl is approximately 2" Deep and the reservoir will be another 3".
Q: During winter months should we take the solar panel and pump off the bath and is it ok to keep the bird bath itself outside during very cold temperatures?
Submitted 3 years ago by Barb - New Jersey
Hayneedle customer support
A: If you live in a colder part of the country and have hard freezes, I would advise you to store both the pump and the bath in a warmer environment to lessen the chance of cracking,
Open Reply - Community Answer
A: If your bath water has a chance of freezing, take the portion with the pumpand panel off for the winter. The water can freeze inside the pump andunder the solar panel, which will ruin your pump. Your other option is toget a bird bath heater to prevent freezing.
Open Reply - Community Answer
A: Yes....I store my pump down cellar inside where it won't freeze and crack the water pump. We also just lay the base down outside so the water doesn't freeze and crack the bath as well. Funny I just took care of ours yesterday.
Q: Where can you buy additional filters for this bird bath and where is the on/off switch located
Submitted 3 years ago by Barbara - 08070
Hayneedle customer support
A: Here is the link to purchase the filter cover and filter: On/Off switch is located on the top of the solar panel around the spout.
Q: Is the two tier fountain actually made of concrete or a resin material
Submitted 3 years ago by Gene - Cudahy, Wi
Hayneedle customer support
A: Construction: glass fiber reinforced concrete
A: This item is comprised of concrete.