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Terra Cotta Round Casitas Tall Adobe Planter - Set of 3
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Terra Cotta Round Casitas Tall Adobe Planter - Set of 3

Product Overview
  • 3 tall, tapered planters with ridged design
  • Constructed of high-fire terra cotta and hand-glazed for unique look
  • Frost-resistant for indoor/outdoor use
  • Drainage hole protects plant roots from over-saturation
  • Dimensions: 20.5/15.75/11.75 diam. x 24.5/19.5/14H inches, 119 lbs.

Product Information


  • 3 tall, tapered planters with ridged design
  • Constructed of high-fire terra cotta and hand-glazed for unique look
  • Frost-resistant for indoor/outdoor use
  • Drainage hole protects plant roots from over-saturation
  • Dimensions: 20.5/15.75/11.75 diam. x 24.5/19.5/14H inches, 119 lbs.

What's Included

  • 3 planters

What's Not Included

  • Plants


This set of three tall, tapered Terra Cotta Casitas Tall Adobe Planters are beautiful in the garden, on the porch, or in the home. Wherever you decide to place them, your friends will be attracted to them. These premium-quality planters each feature a drainage hole to protect plant roots from over-saturation. Constructed of high-fire terra cotta and hand-glazed, they are frost-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 20.5 diam. x 24.5H inches; 15.75 diam. x 19.5H inches; and 11.75 diam. x 14H inches. Set weighs 119 pounds.

Benefits of Terra Cotta
Terra cotta, Italian for "baked earth," is an unglazed ceramic based from clay. The history of terra cotta includes its use in the famous Terracotta Warriors statues in China. It is widely used today in building materials such as roofing and is a favorite among gardeners to house plants. Terra cotta is useful because of its low cost, versatility, and durability. Because it is porous, terra cotta allows water to vaporize through it, which is helpful to plants, especially if they have an abundance of moisture. It's gas permeable, so helps maintain healthy plants. Its brownish orange color comes from iron oxide in the clay. Compared to items made from other stonework, terra cotta items are much lighter in weight. Overall terra cotta makes an excellent choice in the garden.

About Campania International
Established in 1984, Campania International's reputation has been built on quality original products and service. Originally selling terra cotta planters, Campania soon began to research and develop the design and manufacture of cast stone garden planters and ornaments. Campania is also an importer and wholesaler of garden products, including polyethylene, terra cotta, glazed pottery, cast iron, and fiberglass planters as well as classic garden structures, fountains, and cast resin statuary.

Campania Cast Stone: The Process
The creation of Campania's cast stone pieces begins and ends by hand. From the creation of an original design, making of a mold, pouring the cast stone, application of the patina to the final packing of an order, the process is both technical and artistic. As many as 30 pairs of hands are involved in the creation of each Campania piece in a labor intensive 15 step process.

The process begins either with the creation of an original copyrighted design by Campania's artisans or an antique original. Antique originals will often require some restoration work, which is also done in-house by expert craftsmen. Campania's mold making department will then begin a multi-step process to create a production mold which will properly replicate the detail and texture of the original piece. Depending on its size and complexity, a mold can take as long as three months to complete. Campania creates in excess of 700 molds per year.

After a mold is completed, it is moved to the production area where a team individually hand pours the liquid cast stone mixture into the mold and employs special techniques to remove air bubbles. Campania carefully monitors the PSI of every piece. PSI (pounds per square inch) measures the strength of every piece to ensure durability. The PSI of Campania pieces is currently engineered at approximately 7500 for optimum strength. Each piece is air-dried and then de-molded by hand. After an internal quality check, pieces are sent to a finishing department where seams are ground and any air holes caused by the pouring process are filled and smoothed. Pieces are then placed on a pallet for stocking in the warehouse.

All Campania pieces are produced and stocked in natural cast stone. When a customer's order is placed, pieces are pulled and unless a piece is requested in natural cast stone, it is finished in a unique patinas. All patinas are applied by hand in a multi-step process; some patinas require three separate color applications. A finisher's skill in applying the patina and wiping away any excess to highlight detail requires not only technical skill, but also true artistic sensibility. Every Campania piece becomes a unique and original work of garden art as a result.

After the patina is dry, the piece is then quality inspected. All pieces of a customer's order are batched and checked for completeness. A two-person packing team will then pack the order by hand into gaylord boxes on pallets. The packing material used is excelsior, a natural wood product that has no chemical additives and may be recycled as display material, repacking customer orders, mulch,or even bedding for animals. This exhaustive process ensures that Campania will remain a popular and beloved choice when it comes to garden decor.

Technical Details


Assembly & Care

Terra cotta and earthenware are slightly porous. Although this allows plant roots to breathe, it also constitutes a risk in winter. When the temperature drops below freezing, any water present in the pot walls will freeze and expand. This will cause the pot walls to spall and can ultimately destroy the pot. Because Campania's terra cotta is handmade, it absorbs far less water because the clay is processed differently. Campania planters are frost-resistant if handled correctly. However, because any water held in a pot from rain or melting snow will freeze and expand, any pot made of a non-elastic material is at risk if left outside unprotected during winter. Although Campania planters are of high quality and are frost-resistant, it is still recommended that they be stored in a frost-free covered area in winter. If left out, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack and break.


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