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Artificial Christmas Trees

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  • Tips for finding the perfect tree height, width, and needle type
  • A breakdown of the most popular Christmas tree styles
  • Helpful advice on how to decorate your Christmas tree

Choosing an Aritifical Christmas Tree for Your Home

The Christmas tree is the focal point of your holiday home décor. While real trees are nice, they sometimes have the potential to be messy. Artificial Christmas trees, however, are a smart investment that you can use for years. Best of all, you won't find yourself cleaning up old pine needles or watering it daily.

What size Christmas tree should I get?

The size of your Christmas tree depends largely on how much space you have. Choose a tree that is at least 12 inches shorter than your ceiling height so that you can add a topper and won't scratch your ceiling paint. Some of the most common sizes are:

  • 4 foot - ideal for small spaces or tabletops
  • 7.5 foot - most popular size & ideal for 9 foot ceilings
  • 9 foot - great for living rooms with higher ceilings
  • 12 foot - perfect for homes with valuted ceilings or two story entryways

How should I choose a Christmas trees width?

Make sure you plan for your Christmas tree to sit at least three inches from the nearest wall. This extra space will give you ample room to hang your tree lights, and Christmas ornaments!

If you have a smaller space some people prefer a slim/pencil-style tree. These smaller Christmas trees are perfect tucked into a living room or hallway corner. Pencil-style Christmas trees are usually 19 to 23 inches around.

A fuller tree would be ideal in a large room with plenty of extra space. Full Christmas trees usually sit around 50 inches at the base.

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What is the most realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree?

Once you've settled on a size, it's time to decide on a look. Many people search for something that looks as realistic as possible. The best artificial Christmas trees are those made from polyethylene or PE. These Christmas trees are usually made using molds from real tree branches, and they tend to be the most durable.

PVC trees usually cost much less than PE trees, but their paper and wire designs are less realistic. That said, some shoppers prefer PVC Christmas trees, because they hold sentimental value and remind them of the ones their parents and grandparents had when they were young.

What do I need to know about pre-lit Christmas trees?

Another decision you'll need to make when shopping for a Christmas tree is whether you want one that is pre-lit or you want to add your own lights. Each has its pros and cons. Unlit Christmas trees typically favor the more traditional decorator and cost less. If your preferences or decorations change year to year you can switch out ornaments and types of lights easily.

If you know you like a certain type of light, pre-lit Christmas trees are far more convenient, the years of untangling ropes of lights is over! If you do go with a pre-lit tree, look for either LED or fiber optic lights. Both are safer than traditional lights since they don’t transmit heat, and are fairly energy efficient too. LED lights in particular use less energy and typically last longer — up to 100,000 hours.

When should I put up and take down my Christmas tree??

Once you have your tree, you may wonder how early is too early to put it up....and how late is too late to take it down. Many people put their trees up on Thanksgiving weekend, while others wait until Christmas Eve. As for taking it down, some people feel that it's bad luck to leave it up beyond December 31. Others prefer to leave it up until Epiphany on January 6. Allow your own traditions and preferences to be your guide.

When it comes to choosing an artificial Christmas tree for your home, how much space you have and what style you like the best should be your top two guiding factors. Whatever tree you choose, make it your own with ornaments, a artificial tree stand with a pretty tree skirt, and all of your favorite decorations.

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