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Christmas Storage Bags, Bins & Containers

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Enjoy a Tidy Holiday Season with Helpful Christmas Storage

Christmas storage containers preserve decorations and artificial Christmas trees so they're as good as new each year. These convenient storage bags, bins, and containers are specifically designed organize and to store décor safely until Santa comes back around.

How do I store Christmas ornaments?

Polyester ornament storage containers have individual compartments to prevent sentimental ornaments from breaking. The containers are soft against the ornaments yet sturdy to protect them on the outside. Several layers hold multiple ornaments with side pockets for additional storage. Plastic containers with lids also have individual compartments for protection. The clear view lets you see what's inside. Stack them carefully if you need to preserve space and have multiple containers.

What's the best way to store Christmas lights?

Specific light storage reels wrap the cords carefully to prevent them from tangling. It's similar to yarn, string, and thread stored on spools. This can be a lifesaver when it comes time to hang the Christmas lights again. Simply unwind the reels and hang them on your tree.

Can I store my wreath or garland safely?

You can store your Christmas wreaths safely with garland and wreath storage bags in sizes from 30 inches, 36, and 48 inches. Zippers secure it inside and keep dust from accumulating on the branches or the pre-lit bulbs. Lay the wreaths or garland flat for the best storage without anything on top. When you pull it out for the next year, fluff the branches and bows, and it's ready to hang or drape from your mantel.

Is there a way to store wrapping paper and bows?

Gift wrap storage bins can store rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, and bows. Some of them have individual containers for assorted wrapping supplies to keep it all organized. Others are rectangular, flat boxes to store long rolls of wrapping paper under a bed or on the bottom of a closet. Another type is a tall box with separate compartments that you can tuck into a corner to keep out of the way until Christmas rolls around again. Stock up on after-Christmas sales and store the discounted gift wrapping supplies in these containers.

How big of a storage bag do I need for a seven-foot Christmas tree?

Christmas tree storage bags come in sizes suited to the specific different sizes of artificial trees. These duffel bags are sturdy and usually have a handle for convenient carrying since the elves have probably not shown up to help. Zip the bags closed to keep dust from settling on the branches. Artificial trees can be expensive, so it's important to preserve them as long as possible.

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Once the holidays are over, there's no reason to stress about cleaning up. Declutter your household with helpful and handy storage containers and boxes. Choose based on the Christmas decorations you own, and enjoy getting organized in the new year.