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Burn, Baby, Burn
Average Calories Expended Through Exercise

Numerous studies have proven that consuming fewer calories can extend lifespan and slow the effects of aging both on the brain and the body. Combine that with the myriad effects of exercise – from increasing fat-burning muscle mass to addressing depression and anxiety – and there's simply no reason we all can't take action to improve our well-being by at least watching our calories in and calories out.

No one should overly restrict his or her calories, and many nutritionists follow this adage: "Don't count calories, but calories do count." Hence we should at least have an awareness of how many calories we're taking in, how many we're burning, and the effects of both.

Thus we've compiled a very general chart of caloric expenditure during various typical exercises. Keep in mind the variances, however: bodyweight including muscle mass versus fat, intensity of activity, age, and length of time exercising each play a role in the number of calories burned. We offer this only as a general gauge of how much energy is required for activities from jogging on a treadmill, to pedaling on an exercise bike, to stepping on an elliptical trainer.

Most important is to engage in physical activities you enjoy, eat healthful foods you like, and be mindful of your body, mind, and spirit.

Activity Calories Burned Per Hour
130 Lbs 155 Lbs 180 Lbs 205 Lbs
Leisure Bicycling, <10mph 236 281 327 372
Elliptical Trainer (Moderate Effort) 562 670 777.6 886
Rowing Machine (Moderate) 413 493 572 651
Hatha Yoga 236 281 327 372
Running (10 min/mile) 590 704 817 931
Jogging (12 min/mile) 472 563 654 745
Basketball (Competitive) 472 563 654 745
Martial Arts (Tae Kwan Do) 590 704 817 931
Rope Jumping (Slow Pace, <100 Skips a Minute) 472 563 654 745
Soccer (Competitive) 590 704 817 931
Volleyball (Competitive) 472 563 654 745
Walking (Brisk, 3.5 mph) 224 267 311 354