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Soccer Goals

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Go for the Goal: Everything You Need for Your Soccer Player

Turn your backyard into a year-round practice field with easy-setup soccer equipment and accessories. With the right soccer gear and some dedication, you're rising soccer star will turn practice into perfect in no time.

1. Soccer Balls

It should come as no surprise that you'll need a quality soccer ball or two. What might be less apparent, however, is the difference in soccer ball sizes. A size 3 soccer ball is best for junior players age 8 and under. A size 4 soccer ball is best for youth ages 8 to 12, and a size 5 soccer ball is best for ages 13 and above.

2. Soccer Goal

Backyard soccer goals come in a variety of models suitable for a small practice space. Portable and collapsible goals are easy to move and store during the off-season. The majority of soccer goals come with a net, but it doesn't hurt to keep a spare net on hand! Just be sure it's properly sized to your goal frame.

3. Field Markers

When it comes to soccer field markers, you don't need anything fancy. Small cones and flags can be used to create boundaries, grids, and even training obstacles.

4. Training Equipment

Soccer training equipment, also known as SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) equipment, isn't mandatory for at-home practices, but it can help your athlete with specific skills and adds a playful element to training. Rebounders are one of the most common pieces of SAQ equipment and feature a spring net that returns each kick.

5. Soccer Apparel

Keep your soccer player safe, even on the home field, with proper footwear and shin guards. If you plan to have teammates over, consider adding goalkeeper gloves and soccer vests to your collection.

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