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Clothes Hangers

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Clothes Care Begins with Great Hangers

There Really Is a Right Way - You're particular about your style, a savvy shopper, and you've mastered the science of washing your clothes, so it should come as no surprise that caring for your wardrobe doesn't stop in the laundry room. How you hang your clothes up is key when it comes to giving them a long and happy life.

This Is How We Do It - When hanging up shirts, button the top, bottom, and one middle button. Facing everything the same way is an easy organizing habit and saves time when you have to find a favorite shirt fast. Whether your trouser hangers have a bar or clips, be sure to fold pants along the crease before hanging them up. Many dresses and skirts come with loops of fabric designed for use in hanging. Look for these inside the garment and place them inside the hanger grooves on the hanger. You can also slip these over the hanger hook to keep the garment from slipping off the hanger.

Give Me A Little Space - Clothes need air circulation to stay clean and safe. Avoid overcrowding by spacing hangers at least one inch apart. Garments can touch but should not be pressed against each other. You should never have to move clothes left and right just to pull an item out. Using quality hangers is a good way to keep your closet in line.

Air Out Your Clean Laundry - Clothing benefits from a bit of alone time so let your clothing breathe before hanging it in the closet. Your clothes work hard all day attracting dust, collecting dirt, and absorbing sweat and moisture. Some fabrics, like wool, should not be cleaned too often and need air time after every wearing. Place the garment on a good hanger, brush it off, and allow it to hang in open air overnight before replacing it in the closet. Also, remove plastic from the dry cleaners as this will only trap moisture and can sometimes stain clothing.