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Get the inside line on which is best for you

Nothing can make your clothing smell as sweet as hanging them on a clothesline in the fresh breeze. Notice how all the fabric softeners are scented with outdoor-sounding smells? They try to imitate nature, but there is only so much artificial chemicals can do. We'll show you how to choose the right clothesline or drying rack to get that sweet smell naturally, and skip the softener altogether.

Are You an Iinnie or an Outie?

If you have a big back yard and two strong trees, you're almost done. Cheaper cotton clotheslines sag under heavy, wet laundry. Get a sturdy, thicker clothesline, nylon or acrylic, and tie it tight. The longer the line runs, the better quality you'll need.

If you don't have access to outdoor space, or your neighborhood doesn't allow you to air your undies, opt for indoor drying. Clothes drying racks and umbrella clotheslines hold a lot of laundry in a small space, and yet still air them out efficiently. Retractable clotheslines flick out of sight when you're done.

Whitney Designs 15-7 34-Foot Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Clothesline

Different Ways to Hang Out

Indoors or out, different configurations suit different needs, and one is best for you. Consider these options:

Clotheslines are easy to use, easy to set up, and ideal for backyard drying. If you don't have trees, you can add hanger poles that are sturdy, safe and attractive. Don't skimp on cheap rope: quality clothesline won't stretch, break, or mildew in the weather.

Retractable clotheslines roll up onto a spool out of sight when not in use. It's a clean look for outdoors, and a quick convenience indoors where you don't want to clothesline yourself in the neck. Just unhook it and it snaps back into its cartridge.

Umbrella clotheslines fit the most clothing in the smallest space. You can stand in one spot and load the whole unit as it rotates. We know many users who install umbrella clotheslines near their apartment window, and just reach out to hang their clothes outside.

Clothes drying racks are sturdy stands made of wood, plastic or metal, that let you drape a lot of clothing in a small space. Perfect for tight spots or for adding humidity to a dry room. They fold up flat and out of the way when not in use, so they're perfect for efficient apartment living.

Look over the options available here, and one will hook you. A tape measure will help you visualize if you have enough space for one type or another. Whether you go with a permanent clothesline, a retractable clothesline, umbrella clothesline or clothes drying rack, the sweet smell of air-drying laundry and all its benefits will be yours.