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Traveling With A Dog

We love our pets as much as you love yours, and we understand that the thought of traveling with them can be a little stressful. That’s why we’ve collected our best tips and products geared toward pet travel needs. You’ll find traveling with your pet doesn’t need to be daunting at all, and the sooner you do a little planning, the better you’ll feel about it.

Traveling by Car

Dogs take naturally to the road. Whether or not yours is a natural road hound, a few accessories can make the miles go faster for both of you.

Car Barriers

Cuddling can take a dangerous turn if your pooch is venturing into the driver's seat. Dogs can be distracting to the driver responsible for everyone's safety, and they're pretty good at errantly shifting the car into neutral. Avoid accidents with a safety barrier that contains the kisses in the backseat.

Seat Covers

Dog hair! If you think it follows you everywhere now, try traveling long distances with the source. Car seat covers protect your interior from doggie damage.

Car Seats

Little dogs travel, too! But roaming the car can be dangerous for smaller dogs. They can't absorb the shock of bumps or brakes as well as larger pets. A dog car seat is like a bed with taller, sturdier padded walls, and it both protects and comforts littler passengers.


Most of the time on the road, all a dog really needs is a place to get comfortable. Comfy pet blankets let your pet make a place all her own in the backseat.

Traveling by Plane

You can, in fact, usually take your dog with you when you travel by air. If you plan ahead and take the necessary steps, you and Rex will reach the other side just fine. Small dogs may be able to ride under your seat, but big dogs will be transported as cargo.

*Every airline has their own rules regarding dogs. Before you book your tickets, research each company thoroughly and make sure you talk to them on the phone to confirm their policy.
*You will need all of your dog's health certifications and up-to-date registration information.
*All dogs must be transported in an airline approved crate.

When You Get There

Dog Carriers

Consider getting a cozy carrier specifically for travel. Soft-sided travel carriers fit into your bags easily and offer a low-stress place for dogs on the go.

Folding & Portable Dog Crates

Depending on your destination, it's very likely you'll need accommodations for the dog. If he's used to being kenneled at night, bring a folding crate so he'll sleep comfortably in friends' houses or hotels.

Dog Bike Carriers

Are you taking the bikes on your trip, too? Easy bicycle dog carriers make a place on the two-seater for your furry friend and fold compactly in your bag while you travel.

Dog Strollers

One of the hottest new trends is the dog stroller. They are ideal when you want to take Fido along but need to have your hands free to shop or if he tires easily.

Happiness is Preparedness

Dog care is easy at home – that's where all the dog stuff is. But going mobile means bringing everything that both you and your dog need. Some things to think about:

* Leash, collar, and/or harness
* Dog food (enough for their regular feeding schedule)
* Dog bed or blanket (something familiar)
* Long-lasting dog toys
* "Doggy bags"
* Medication
* Up-to-date medical records and tags

Travel Ready Bowls & Feeders

Your dog depends on you, but you don't want him literally eating out of the palm of your hand. Pop-up travel feeders let you do doggy dinner at a roadside rest stop, in a hotel room, or at a campsite without dirtying your own dishes. Puppy will appreciate a good bowl of food and water, and you'll appreciate the separation.

Long-Lasting Chew Toys

The last thing to bring is something for the little one to do! Chew toys and bones not only occupy your dog in times of travel boredom, but provide an outlet for the anxiety and nervousness that stems from new situations. Natural antler chews are excellent and healthy, but there's virtually no end to the options for your dog here.

Wee Pads & Scoopers

Again, preparedness. If your dog struggles to contain herself, you've probably already packed these. But even if yours is the model of self-restraint at home, you never know how things are going to go on the road.