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Traeger® : Grilling the Wood-Fired Way

A Traeger is a way of life … a delicious, easy-going, pellet-fueled, wood-fired way of life.

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Learn the Tricks of the Traeger Trade

Check out this quick video about the Traeger Difference, covering how their grills work and what they can do …

The Wood-Fired Difference

Aside from the grilled masterpieces a Traeger can help you create, these pellet-fueled powerhouses give you the ability to:

  • smoke
  • bake
  • braise
  • roast, and
  • barbeque

… instantly upping your grilling game to a solid 10.


Traegers owe their versatility to the balance of smoke and heat that keeps them operating at a steady temperature, ranging from 150–450°F. The smoke-heat dynamic duo also produces the consistent, flavorful results for which Traeger grills are most famous.

Wood-pellet grills envelope food with rich, dense smoke and even heat. This combo produces radiant, conductive, and convection heat, effortlessly cooking food while infusing it with authentic, aromatic wood-fired flavor. As an added bonus, Traeger grills simply plug into a socket to get started, using minimal energy to yield awesome results.


For best quality and health assurance, ALWAYS use genuine Traeger wood pellets to fuel your wood-fire grill.

Pellets & Pairings

A pellet fuel that provides a balanced burn is essential to wood-fire-grilling success. To help you get the most – and best – from your grill, Traeger has developed a variety of pellets crafted from a special blend of hardwoods.

Traeger Pellet Pairing Guide


For a mild flavor profile, the oak, maple, and alder blends are ideal; if you're looking for something with a bit more bravado, alder blended with apple, pecan, cherry, hickory, or mesquite woods will do the trick.

Friendly Fuel = Better Food

Quality hardwood pellets, like those from Traeger, are both healthy for you and for the environment. Cooking with indirect heat creates far fewer carcinogenic compounds on food than other cooking methods and produces only smoke and ash (a reusable resource – hello, garden!) as byproducts. A Note from Traeger: using any brand of pellets other than genuine Traeger Wood Pellets will void your warranty.

Ready to try a Traeger? To shop all Traeger, click here.

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